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Google is always looking to bring innovation to the tech industry and to improve our everyday life. With its app Google Hangouts you can keep in touch with your friends and never miss a conversation. 

The app allows you to make phone and video calls, as well as send text messages to your contact list. It is also useful to join a call or talk to more than one person at a time, with its group call feature. 

To do so, you can add up to 10 contacts to a totally free group call and avoid repeating yourself by having to call each one separately. Google Hangouts also lets you call a friend in any part of the world and, if they are also using Hangouts, you won't be charged a cent! 

As part of the Google family, this app can be connected to your Google Voice account, allowing for the integration of phone calls, texts and voicemails. If you're using Google Hangouts you don't need to worry if the other part is online, as your messages will always be sent. 

Let your friends know about this app, since call between Hangouts are free. However, please note that other calls might be charged if the other person isn't using this. 
Lastly, you can sync your chats from one device to another and won't loose any information! 

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ضايج طاكه روحي 2 months ago

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حلو كلش ممكن اتعرف عله بنوتة

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ابن النجف صوفي 2 months ago

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شلونة التحديث زين لولا ارجو الرد

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sattar بوكيا 3 months ago

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07705359331 ممكن اتعرف على ابنية من بغداد اني ولد

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كوكي كوكي 4 months ago

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لا اختي جذب ماكو هيج حجي

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عمـآرجي گشـخهہ 5 months ago

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اريد الاصدار القديم منو يعرف شلون ارجعه😘

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